What is music?

What is music?

Music is most often an arrangement of sounds that we like to hear.

But music is so much more than just that! The Story of Music helps us understand more about what music is all about.

What is sound?

Sound is made up of vibrations and waves.

“Sound is vibrations that travel to my ear
that send a message to my brain to tell me what I hear.”

Vibrations travel in waves. Vibrations that cause music are most often created by instruments–including our body (such as our voice)–but we also hear music in nature that is very beautiful, such as birds’ songs!

Have you ever noticed vibrations before? When a car drove up next to you that had the music turned on REALLY loud, did you feel your own car vibrate? Have you ever stood on ground where a train or tractor was going by and felt the earth move just a little? Have you ever plucked a string or a stretched rubber band to see it vibrate? Have you ever seen a ripple in the water after you dropped a stone in a pond?

How do you create vibrations? What sounds can you really feel? Which sounds do you like the best? What is your favorite music? What do you love to listen to? Whose voice is your favorite? What are your favorite sounds in nature? These are all questions that are wonderful to ask, ponder, and discover answers to as you learn and teach about music!