The Story of Music

The Story of Music is an overview of what we teach in Delicious Music, in story form.

Print out the booklet The Story of Music

Watch The Story of Music: (video under construction!)

Listen to The Story of Music: 

You can print the story in booklet form and send it home with your students to color and read with their families. Print out an introduction letter to put into the booklet, so parents can learn more about our program online here (provide this website address) and hear “The Story of Music” audio again or any of the videos/songs available here. (Link for booklet under construction!)

Lesson 2: The Story of Music

Suggested tasting songs to share with the children:

Questions to ask: What is this girl playing? (Flute) Does she look old or young? Were you surprised she was so young? Is she playing by herself or with someone else? Who is playing with her? (A woman is “accompanying” her on the piano.) What did the song feel like to you? Was it peaceful? Happy? Sad? Loud? Soft? Smooth? Jumpy? (Receive each child’s answer respectfully: there aren’t necessarily “right” answers as emotional responses to music can be subjective.)

This is the same song, but different performers on flute and harp. How does this music feel? Do they look like they are enjoying playing? Where are they playing? Why do you think they are sharing their music?

Does this man look happy or sad? Why do you think he is so happy? Why does he think this is a wonderful world? Do you know what kind of music this is? (Jazz) His name is Louis Armstrong, and he loved to sing Jazz and play it on his trumpet. He was REALLY good at playing trumpet!

Did this song make you think about summer? Why? What did you like about the song? Did the pictures go with the music? What do you like about summer?

Suggested teaching songs:

The Explorers

OR “Getting to Know You” (if you do not have a school song at your school)

OR “We’re Building a Musical Legacy

Classroom Resource Box materials available for you to use:

Mr. Owl

Lesson 2 adaptations by other DM teachers:

One mom created a flipbook of pictures to show while playing the audio of “The Story of Music.” (Video link under construction)

One mom brought a “Mr. Potato Head” toy and had the children put the parts of the body that can make music on him (she had pulled out the lips, hands, feet and put them in her bag for them to choose from). One child at a time would come up to choose and then show how they would use this body part to make music (lips: singing, hands: clapping, feet: stomping). When the feet were chosen, the children stomped their feet. Then she pulled out her clogging shoes from years ago and clogged to show how you can make music with your feet! (Video link under construction)

Before teaching the school song, one mom shared how she had gone for a hike that morning and saw the leaves changing colors. She brought a few leaves to show/share with the the class. She tied in how she was exploring while hiking to the song, “The Explorers.” (Photo under construction)