How can I make music?

Music is made up of notes, which are made from vibrations. The faster a sound vibrates, the higher it is. The slower it vibrates, the lower it is. We call how high or how low a sound is “pitch,” and each note is a set pitch. We learn to make notes with our bodies or other instruments. We line up the notes in different ways: sometimes going up or down (scales) or sometimes skipping around (intervals). We may even play them at the same time (chords). When we put notes together in a way we like, we call it a song. We can write down songs to save them and share them with others. A song we write is called a composition, and we are called the composer. We can play these songs for others by ourselves (solo) or in groups (ensembles).

How does your voice sound? Which instrument is your favorite? What would you like to write a song about? Do you have a favorite song or composer? Who would like to sing a solo today? What kind of ensemble would you like to be in?