Mrs. B’s Week 2

Week 2 (For a printable PDF of this lesson, go here.)

The Story of Music

Welcome:  Sing theme song and teach next line.

Getting to know you:  Pick four more children to share something about themselves and play a song on the bells.

Activity:  Mr. Potato Head activity

1.  We are going to learn about music today by using our bodies.

2.  Mr. Musical Max is missing body parts.  Pick a part and tell us how you would use that body part to make music.

a.  Hands:  How would you make music with your hands?  Clapping

1.  make rainstorm using hands (small pitter – patter to loud rain).  Use signs for kids to show loud and softs of rain.

a.  principle – loud and soft in music.

b.  Mouth:  How do you make music with your mouth?  Singing

1.  teach first two lines of school song.

a.  principle – all bodies are different so everyone has a unique sound.

c.  Feet:  How can you make music with your feet?  Stomping

1.  Sing:  “if you’re happy and you know it stomp your feet”

2.  Show clogging shoes and demonstrate sounds made by feet.

a.  principle – music makes us feel happy and is made up of rhythm and beats.

Coloring books:  Books to take home and color that talks about some things we learned about today.  Color and read it with family.

Goodbye Song:  Sing Adios Amigos