Goals and Rewards

Children and parents should set goals and rewards together. Parents, encourage your children to share what they would really like to earn. It might not be something tangible; it could be time with you, reading, playing what they want to play, cooking, working, exercising, shopping, watching or listening to a story or movie, or simply getting their way on a choice? Remember how much it means to spend time together and how great it is to be in charge! Click on the link to view or print the chart: Goals and Rewards Chart

Encourage your child to set a high goal if they suggest it! Consider this example: When I was about 9 years old, my best friend’s family moved to Switzerland. (I lived in California.) I desperately wanted to go visit her. My dad promised me that if I earned half the money for airfare, he would pay for me to go. Over a 2-year period, I earned the money. He did not expect I would. But he kept his promise, and I, my mom, and my sister went to Switzerland on a wonderful, life-changing trip.

If you are a parent or teacher, you can print off one of the rewards certificates if you have the password for the certificates page. Please email me to ask for the password.