Lesson Plan K1: Welcome to Delicious Music!

Primary Purpose: To help the children feel loved and happy about making music together!

Secondary Purposes: Welcome the children to music class; learn their names; teach them a proper introduction; begin sol-mi tuning; teach them action cues (cues for listening as you sing a song and repeating back what you just sang; standing up and sitting down; moving from their sitting line formation to a circle for circle movement songs; moving in a circle, and getting back to their line spots in an orderly way); and teach them to sing 4 new songs.


1. Songs:

2. Other:

  • Owl puppet or cartoon-type drawing or picture.
  • Name tag with your name on it (worn on or in front of your shirt)

Plan Overview (with time approximations):

  • Classroom teacher’s introduction (1 minute)
  • Sing “Delicious Music” (1 minute)
  • “Introductions” name game and name review (6-10 minutes; depends upon class size; about 15 seconds per child)
  • Sing “My Name is __________” (3 minutes) both sitting and standing (teach cues)
  • Teach “Children, Come and Sing with Me” (5 minutes)
  • Teach how to march right, stop and turn center, march left, and go in and out from the circle, as well as how to come back to their seats quietly and without bumping (teach return to spots cue)  (3-4 minutes)
  • Teach, sing, and circle right, left, and in/out to “Here We Go Back to School Again” (2 minutes)
  • Teach and sing “Adios, Amigos” (2-3 minutes)
  • Say goodbye

Plan Details: See video examples on songs being taught on each song’s page (will be posted in the future).

To print a PDF version of this page, click on this link:K1: Welcome to Delicious Music!