IMG_1811Hi! I’m Mrs. Livingston, the creator of “Delicious Music,” a free music curriculum designed for anyone teaching music to children. My first job is being a mom to my children, and that is partly why I decided to create Delicious Music.

Raising children is tough work. I want to help other moms with that challenge. When my children were young, I wanted each of them to take music lessons. It is hard to have little children and do music with the older ones! I wondered how people do it.

Fast forward to my youngest child. After taking her to a wonderful music class, I thought, “Someone needs to do something like this in the public schools so that all children can have access to music education, whether or not they have sufficient funding.” I wondered who I knew that might be willing to help create that kind of program.

Guess who said they would do it?

Yep. Me. (Guess that’s why the idea came to me….)

I got permission to give it a try it in my daughter’s kindergarten class and the other kindergarten classes being taught that year. That was in August 2011.

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Since then, I have worked at my first job (being a mom) while trying to teach and write curriculum for this kindergarten music program. I’ve been so grateful for the other wonderful parent volunteers who joined me in to teaching their child’s kindergarten class. I have learned so much from them!

I also had the chance to bridge the kindergarten curriculum to a beginning orchestra class. What a fun experience that was! You will see a few of the lesson plans we used during that semester under the “Orchestra” menu. I’m still learning from the dear students at our schools who are play in orchestra!

The seeds that we nurture grow. This website is a growth of my Delicious Music work. It is definitely a work in progress, a tree that is inching upward one tiny  bit at a time. Like learning music, building this website requires my patience and diligence, whenever and whatever I can give to it. I hope you will find something here to help make your parenting or teaching job easier, and I invite you to join me in contributing what you can!

Happy Music-Making,

Mrs. Livingston

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  1. Can’t wait to read your blog! It’s my first year teaching Kindergarten music…and school hasn’t given me a curriculum! Fun! 🙂


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