The physical, mental, and emotional affects of music

Music can help us feel and think different things. If we choose to listen to and make happy music, it can help us feel happy. It can even help us be healthier! If we choose to listen to or make calm music, it can help us feel calm and slow down our heart rate. That can help us be healthier, too! If we listen to music that is energetic, we can feel energetic! But if we listen to music that has certain kinds of beat that is too hard and too repetitive, is too loud, or has unkind words, that kind of music can be harmful to our minds, bodies, and heart. Just like we take care of our body by not getting close to danger, we want to be careful about the music we listen to and make. We want to choose the best music that has the best effect on our minds and bodies and feelings!

When we learned about vibrations and waves, we learned how music that is too loud creates waves that can physically harm our inner ear, causing permanent hearing loss.

In our fifth lesson, we help the children learn how music can help or harm us. We invite them to choose to listen to and create music that is helpful.

Lesson 5

Suggested tasting songs for this lesson:

How does this song help you feel? What is the message of the words? What do the pictures of the video help you think or feel? What do you think? Is this a good song?

What happened here? How did the people listening like this song? This song is called “Ode to Joy.” It’s very old and sung all around the world. How did this song make you feel? Do you think this is a good song?

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