YOU are an instrument

What is an instrument? An instrument is a tool that lets you helps you make something you want.

Musical instruments help us make music.

Our bodies are our first musical instruments. We are each a unique music-making, vibration-feeling and vibration-creating instrument. The way our body is organized makes us able to hear and create music and sound.  We sing, chant, and talk using our voice, we clap or tap or slap with our hands, and we can make sounds by marching, stomping, running, or tapping our feet. If we treat our bodies with care, we will be able to  create music our whole lives through.

Every single person alive is different from one another. From our voices to our fingerprints, no one else is quite like the other. That makes us wonderfully special! Knowing about our uniqueness helps remind us that we can contribute to making the world around us a better place in a way that no one else can do quite like the other. We are each needed! We can each do good in our lives. We need to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally, so that we can become and do what we do best!

Music can help us be an instrument for good. Some music is harmful to us physically, mentally and emotionally. Other music can be very helpful to us: especially music that has healthy volume, pitch, beat, and lyrics. Each person has to choose what music they will listen to as they understand how music affects their mind, body and heart.