Performance manners

These are the basics when it comes to “Performance Manners.”

When you are the audience, you:

  1. Listen carefully (lips zipped!).
  2. Sit quietly (without moving around).
  3. Look at the performer (kind eyes).
  4. Clap to express your thanks (“Wild applause!”–“wild”=”enthusiastic,” not out of of control)

When you are the performer, you:

  1. Stand nicely in front of your audience (unless you are supposed to move).
  2. Perform to the best of your ability. (Mistakes are allowed!)
  3. Smile!
  4. Bow when the audience claps for you at the end of your performance. (Your head follows your body down so your eyes see your feet when you are bowed. You bow at a dignified speed, not speeding down and back up too fast!)

Here are links to ideas for teaching children to have good audience manners when attending a live performance: