Practicing habits

In order to learn an instrument, you have to practice. It really helps to have a teacher to show you how to play first, and then to be able to practice what the teacher showed you. It’s just like learning to read or write!

Practicing an instrument is like eating a meal. Take some time, and eat one bite at a time. Work on a small part of a song over and over until you get it right. Then go on to the next part. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it will sound better if you have someone who can help you when you get to the tricky parts, and if you take things slowly. Go as slowly as you can to play a part of a song correctly. Then go a tiny bit faster, and gradually get faster after you have learned what to play!

What makes practicing fun? What makes practicing hard? What can you think you can do to get better at practicing? Who can help you to practice?

Here are links to ideas for teaching practicing habits:

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