Pilgrim Song


Last night, I had a hard time sleeping. I remembered the song I posted about yesterday, and I searched for a version of it on my phone. “Where Can I Turn for Peace” came up, and I listened. Wow! I had forgotten what a beautiful version of this song is on this album! I love the arrangement. Her voice is a great example for someone learning to sing to listen to. Wish I had a video of her song to post here.

2_never_give_upIn looking for a video of that song, I discovered another darling song she and her daughter sing called “Come and Play,” from this album, “Never Give Up.” It’s beautiful! If you have ever enjoyed a moment pushing your child in the swing, give this song a try!

There is one more song on that first album that was a part of an etched-into-my-memory moment. Several years ago, I attended my oldest daughter’s choir concert at her high school. Her choir was singing the song, “Pilgrim’s Song,” which I had never heard before, and it was being sung by (I found out later) a young woman who had fought leukemia for nearly 13 years and was just praying to make it to graduation. There was a feeling in that room that was unbelievable. I am guessing I wasn’t the only one with tears streaming down my cheeks. And so it is a special song to me, and when I hear it I think of brave Emily, who passed away not long after her graduation. She made it!

I think “Pilgrim’s Song” would be an awesome song to choreograph a ballet/modern dance to!