I’m so happy!

I am SUPER happy today on several counts:

1. I found out that just this fall, the famous song we all have sung our whole lives, “Happy Birthday to You” (or “The Birthday Song”) is now in the public domain! That means we can use it on this website! We can make recordings to use in class! Woohoo! Time to celebrate!

2. I finished the page for “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” It is essentially what I hope all the free song pages will look like in the future when all the songs are written and have Song Garden© song pages, piano sheet music, Solfa note name dictation, and history about the song as well as any images that you might use to teach the song. Hooray!

3. I wrote some little lyrics for a Z song. Want to create the tune for it?

I would love anyone’s help who wants to help. Together we can build a great free resource for any parent, child, or teacher to use!