Free sheet music

I was looking online today for some flute-violin duets. I just LOVE the internet for all the good that is available. There if FREE sheet music available for music that is in the public domain. For example, is a wonderful resource!  I went printed out sheet music for several lovely flute-violin duets from that website.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the term “public domain,” music (and art and literature) that is in the public domain essentially means that the copyright has expired or it is available for use without payment or permission.

There is a lot of music available on the internet that is being shared illegally. Beware! You shouldn’t print out music that has a copyright symbol on it without express written permission from the publisher. Here’s my rule of thumb: if you didn’t buy it or own it, you shouldn’t have it. Whenever my children have printed out a pop song that someone scanned and posted on the internet, I have them go shred it. Musicians don’t need to be starving on account of us! 🙂

There is a lot of great music that is free legally, and if you can’t find a song you want, well, write one! And then share it free on the internet for others to enjoy! 🙂