Suggested Listening List

Here are a few of my favorite songs:

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Instrumental: Harp
From the album “Nightbreeze: Harp Music of Carlos Salzedo” played by Sarah Schuster Ericsson:

  • Short Stories in Music: Book
  • Short Stories in Music: Book II: Skipping Rope
  • Suite of Eight Dances: Seguidilla
  • Suite of Eight Dances: Tango

From the album “Breathe: The Relaxing Harp,” played by Yolanda Kondanassis:

  • Gymnopédie no.1 (Erik Satie)
  • Rêverie (Dream) (Claude Debussy)
  • En bateau (On the boat) (Claude Debussy)

From the album “Salzedo’s Harp” played by Yolando Kondonassis:

  • Chanson dans la nuit (Song in the Night) (Carlos Salzedo)


Movie Tunes


“The King and I” (Original soundtrack, performed by Marni Nixon and RextThompson, 1956/2001)

  • “Getting to Know You”
  • “Whistle a Happy Tune”

“The Sound of Music” (Original soundtrack, 1965)

  • “Do-Re-Mi”
  • “My Favorite Things”
  • “Edelweiss”
  • “The Sound of Music”




Small Ensemble


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Please note that religious music IS included in these lists, because you are the parent and can choose what music your child hears. Religious music is a critical part of music education because religious music is an inextricable part of international music history. Without religious music, you eliminate some of the most beautiful, inspiring music in all the world! Saying religious music is not important is like saying that history is not important! One example is Handel’s Messiah. It might be one of the most famous pieces played ever in the world! And it is amazing! The story behind it is amazing! Be sure that you let your child listen to beautiful religious music so that their love for other people, cultures, nations, and world history can increase.