Planning a Lesson

Planning a lesson? Check the Curriculum Overview for the principle you are to next next. Review that principle on “What We Teach.”

Ask yourself: What songs do I know that show this principle? What activities would be fun and age-appropriate to help the children understand this principle? Is there a story, poem, picture, principle from nature/science or tidbit from history that I know that illustrates this principle? Is there someone I know who is good at demonstrating this principle? Consider: How did I learn this principle when I was a child? (Or older?) What do I love about this principle? What might help the children to love this principle?

You can also google the principle and search for appropriate videos, lesson plans, etc., to help you.

You can also check out the lessons written by Mrs. B or Mrs. Livingston to get ideas. But remember: YOUR ideas are great! Use the creative ideas that come to YOU!

Write down your ideas on a Lesson Planning Page.

Plan material to teach for about 20-25 minutes. Keep your activities simple. Use the children as visual aids whenever possible, because the more they participate in the teaching, the more they will learn! Most lesson plans take longer to teach than you plan! Also, be open to inspiration and creative ideas that you get on the spot while teaching. Sometimes these ideas turn out to be the most fun of all!

Remember, you don’t have to have a degree in music to teach a children’s music class! Just use your resources, plan and prepare, and show your love for the children by being your best self and do the best you can! They will love you for it!