Video viewing warning

Dear Parents,

I am creating this website to be a safe and friendly home for children to visit. Unfortunately, I’m still trying to figure out how to do that! One of the problems I’ve encountered is posting videos. Right now the only way I know how to post videos is using youTube. This means that at the end of the song there are recommended videos that pop up that you can click on. I have no control over which videos pop up, and sometimes the videos that are recommended are offensive! So you will need to supervise your children when they practice here until I can get this figured out! If you know how to post videos on a WordPress blog without using YouTube, please contact me (asap!).


Mrs. Livingston

P.S. There is something you can do if you view the video on YouTube and not directly on the Delicious Music webpage. (This is just FYI and probably a little overly complicated for a child to do for each video.) You can go to the website, drag the quietube icon onto your bookmark bar, and then teach your child to click on that bookmark after they have clicked on a YouTube video. This will prevent the recommended videos from popping up at the end.