Class Management

I’m not an expert on managing classrooms, but I have learned that while I am a guest in a kindergarten teacher’s classroom, it helps to have her there participating with us to assist in any special needs when it comes to discipline and classroom management. If there is a child who has some particular need, she is able to help that child and allow me to continue teaching. (This of course is different if you are a solo music teacher. If you can get a parent volunteer to be there to assist individual children, that would help tremendously!)

I have also noticed that if I am well-prepared, show love and profound respect to each of the children by knowing their names, smiling and being kind while I teach to them, and also enjoying them, being positive, and keeping the pace of the lesson quick and varied, there are few behavior problems to resolve. If there is a child who is having a difficult day, I don’t force them to participate. I try to give them alternative ways to participate, such as speaking instead of singing, or asking them if they’d like me to come back to them. I give them some space and try to interact gently with them. This is when the classroom teacher, who really knows the children individually, can especially assist by taking aside a child who is really having a hard time for some reason.

Mutual respect between music-teaching parent volunteers and classroom teachers allows for a very positive music class experience! I recommend it!