Resonator Bells

resonator bells

This is what the resonator bells look like that we use in Delicious Music. You can find them online at various music stores or online bookstores. Just google “resonator bells” and look for this style.

When you look for a song under the “Free Music” tab, you will see that there are different versions of the song. The songs that are notated in Solfa (do-re-mi-etc.) are your sheet music for playing the bells. Each note is abbreviated by the first letter of that Solfa note. Do=d, re=r, mi=m, fa=f, sol=s, la=l, ti=t, and do’ (high do)=d’. At our school, we have written (with a black permanent marker) the Solfa note names on the keys: The larger red key=do. Orange=re. Yellow=mi. Green=fa. Turquoise blue=sol. Royal blue= la. Magenta=ti. Smaller red=do’.

So now you know which letter correspond to which keys when you read the sheet music.

You can always learn music on other instruments! This is simply what we have chosen to use in our program to practice the beginner’s curriculum.