Printable Visual Aids

Here is a list of printable pages you can use as visual aids in teaching Delicious Music. The printable visuals of different kinds of sheet music for each song can be found on that song’s page. Look under the sidebar menu under “Free Music.”

Click on the following links to go to each printable visual:

NOTE VALUES (Song Seeds and apple slices)

NOTE VALUES (Song Seeds and black whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes)

SONG SEEDS are the little round colored dots that represent notes and correspond to the individual bells in the resonator bell set. (Some resonator bells come in a slightly different color scheme. This SONG SEEDS ASCENDING SCALE is in the alternating color scheme.It can be helpful to cut out, laminate, and put self-adhesive on the back of each note in a set of 2 octaves (for use on magnetic (white) boards).

The SONG SEEDS ASCENDING SCALE and SONG SEEDS DESCENDING SCALE are useful for putting up in on the board when teaching the Solfa scale, pitch, intervals, and scales.

Please check back later to look for visuals that aren’t posted yet. Or email to request a visual that would be helpful that you would like to donate or be posted.