Weekly Themes

There are 3-4 lesson plans per month. If there is a fifth week, the teacher can create a lesson to nurture and fine tune skills as needed.

Introduction: Practice.

This month of lessons combines with the first month a class begins in which home practicing is required. It focuses on practice habits.

  1. Introduction: “Time for some Delicious Music”
  2. Prepare. “Set the table”
  3. Work hard. “What’s for dinner?”
  4. Rewards. “Got dessert?”
  5. Have fun! “Making Music Makes Me Smile”

1. January: Report.

  1. Evaluate your progress with your family helper.
  2. Set goals.
  3. Write down what you do to work toward your goal (your progress).
  4. Report your progress.

2. February: Listen (Prune).

  1. Listen to yourself.
  2. Listen to other: your teacher, your family helper, fine musicians, and nature.
  3. Apply corrections. “Prune.”
  4. Fine tune corrections.

3. March: Watch.

  1. Watch yourself.
  2. Watch your teachers.
  3. Watch others.
  4. Watch nature.

4. April: Share.

  1. Share with your family.
  2. Share with your neighbors.
  3. Share with the world.
  4. Observe how nature shares.

5. May: Plant.

  1. Set practice goals for summer. “Plan your garden.”
  2. Check your resources. “What’s in the storage shed?”
  3. Begin practicing. “Plant.”
  4. Keep a record. “Gardener’s journal.”

6. June: Water.

  1. Nourish yourself. “Soak it up.”
  2. Learn about water. “Drink.”
  3. Enjoy water. “Swim!”

7. July: Weed.

  1. About weeds. “Which is which?”
  2. Weeding. “Unclutter.”

8. August: Grow.

9. September: Discover.

10. October: Harvest.

11. November: Gather and express thanks.

12. December: Celebrate.