Making Music Makes Us Smile

In Delicious Music, we work for smiles. ☺ And we sing about how music makes us smile!

Working hard to able to perform a song makes us feel really good inside, especially when we are able to play it to our desired standard of performance. We instinctively want to smile after such an experience. It makes the hard work worth it!

Getting to that point, however, can take a lot of patient, hard work, overcoming obstacles and receiving and implementing corrections.

Sometimes being motivated enough to keep working through the hard part to get to the joy requires a little external motivation. Our economy for helping motivate students is called “earning smiles.”

Parents and children set goals and rewards together. Then they record the number of smiles earned and promptly award the rewards earned.

Parents and teachers, we must always remember the importance of praise in nurturing what we hope to see grow in a child.

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