Kindergarten Curriculum Goals

By the end of this school year, I hope each child will be able to:

  • Know that I care about them and believe that they are a unique, special child with wonderful potential
  • Feel happy about learning music, making music, and participating in music class (These are my MOST important goals!)
  • Have enjoyed tasting delicious music from at least 1 each of DM-standard musicals, folk songs, holiday songs, classical solo pieces, classical symphonic pieces, choir pieces, small ensemble pieces, and class-composed and other children’s own songs.
  • Sing the Delicious Music theme song
  • Sing at least one other song from the curriculum
  • Sing at least one song in Sol-Mi (=using solfège note names)
  • Demonstrate how to play a C Major scale on the resonator bells
  • Play 4 songs on the resonator bells at tempo with 100% accuracy.
  • Write a song (using a Song Garden page or a blank piece of paper) independently using the resonator bells
  • Play their song for at least one other person
  • Sing and sign a C Major scale using solfège hand signs
  • Sing with 100% accuracy a minor third interval (sol-mi/mi-sol)
  • Name at least 3 different musical instruments
  • Demonstrate what sound is (show that sound is made by sound wave vibrations caused by an object striking another object)
  • Demonstrate how to play at least one music game with other children.

How I plan to accomplish this:

  • Teach them weekly with love and effective preparation that includes age-appropriate, fun learning activities
  • Prepare home (paper assignments and other support materials) and online materials that allow the children to work towards these goals
  • Communicate these goals to parents
  • Invite parent participation
  • Follow-up on assignments
  • Assess and track children’s progress
  • Evaluate children at the end of the year, acknowledge each child’s progress, express my confidence in their musical abilities, and encourage continued music learning

Here is a printable (PDF) version of this page: Kindergarten Curriculum Goals

A storytelling version of the kindergarten curriculum is found in The Story of Music

Assessments can be made both at home and at school using the Smiles Chart.