Home Practice

Read these tips for practicing with your child!

Each child needs a family helper, such as Mom, Dad, or a sibling, who can help them practice when they are young. If you have signed up your child for Beginning Orchestra, you need to provide a family helper who will consistently help them 6 days a week for at least 15 minutes a day. If you are unable to provide this help, please withdraw your child from Beginning Orchestra and wait until they are older, such as in Junior High, to learn on their own.

As the parent, you will fill in the number of minutes you expect your child to practice each day. Be realistic and reasonable: I would suggest 10 minutes for a child who is just beginning, or needs a shortened version of practicing. I would add more time to the child who loves practicing, wants to progress faster, and has developed a longer attention span. Remember that you can start small and add on as the weeks pass. 

Be sure that your child fills out and returns their Practice Report each week.