Beginning Orchestra 1.1.2 “Setting the Table”

1.1.2 “Setting the Table” Lesson Plan

In this lesson, we learn that it takes preparation, work, and patience to make music.

1.1.2 “Setting the Table” Practice Instructions

Skills we learn/practice in this lesson:

  • How to set up for practicing (what tools we need to gather and what those tools do)
  • How to make the Solfa signs do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do
  • How to abbreviate those signs
  • How to notate a song in Solfa
  • How to use the practice instructions
  • How to use the practice page
  • The poem “Good, better, best/Never let it rest/’Till your good gets better/And your better gets best”
  • The lyrics to “Making Music Makes Me Smile”
  • The lyrics to the song of the month
  • The Solfa for both of those songs