Beginning Orchestra Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are for teaching children how to play an instrument so that they can play solo and as a group. It is preparation for an elementary level orchestra. The lessons plans are labeled first with the year and then by the semester and finally by the lesson number. (Example: Lesson 1.1.1 means first year, first semester, first lesson)

Parents, this page is for you as well as for a teacher, so that you can see what is being taught in the class. Each lesson plan page will have links to other pages that you will need at home (especially if something gets lost!).

Parents, you need to read Lesson 1 from the first semester of year one. This describes how you can practice at home to help your child progress musically.

First Year, First Semester Lessons (The only lesson plan I have here is Lesson 1, since I will be teaching it at the beginning of second semester. I do not have any others because I am coming into the program mid-year. During the first semester, the children  began learning how to play “Twinkle, Twinkle.”)

Lesson 1.1.1  Time for Some Delicious Music!

First Year, Second Semester Lessons

Lesson 1.2.1 “Making Music Makes Us Smile”

Lesson 1.2.2 “Come and Build a Snowman”

Parents AND teachers, please take the time to comment on lesson plans and their pages as you use them to help us as we grow this program.