Mrs. B’s Week 8

Week 8 (For a printable PDF, go here.)


Welcome:  Delicious Music theme song

Introduction:  We have learned so much in music.  We’ve learned about:  vibrations, how you can make music with your body and that makes you special.  We’ve talked about how music can make you feel all kinds of emotions like happy, sad or scared.

Today we are going to learn how we make music using notes.

1.  Show piano sheet music that is simple and music that is complex.  Point out notes.

2.  In Delicious Music we are not going to learn note names but learn about something called Solfa.

Video:  Show Sound of Music clip

Solfa:  Learn first three solfa pitches and signs (d, r, m).  Put notes together you can make a song.

Solfa Game:  Magnet d, r, m circles on board put into different order and sign and sing made up song.

Sing:  We are the Explorers

Goodbye:  Adios Amigos