Mrs. B’s Week 5

Week 5 (For printable PDF, go here.)

You are Unique

Welcome:  Time for Some Delicious Music

Getting to Know You:  Alice, Conner, Canyon, Macey

Activity:  Marvin the Monkey

Everything about you is unique!  The way you look, your voice and everything about you makes you unique and special.  Marvin the Monkey has things posted all over him that make him unique.

1.  Eyes –  Two little Eyes

Two little eyes that blink, blink, blink

Two little eyes that see;

Head and shoulders, knees and toes;

And many more things make me

Tra la la la la la

Two little eyes that see,

Two little eyes that blink, blink, blink,

And many more things make me.

2.   Mouth – Vibrations are unique to you

ipad experiment

Blindfold teacher to see if she can pick out who’s speaking

Sing:  The Explorers

3.  Knees –  Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

4.  Daniel tiger – You are Special

You are my friend you are special

You’re one of a kind.

You’re special.

Discussion:  How do you take care of your unique body?

Goodbye:  Adios Amigos