Mrs. B’s Week 3: Vibrations and Waves

Week 3 (For printable PDF, go here.)

Vibrations and Waves

Welcome:  Delicious music theme song

Getting to know you:  Pick four more children to share something about themselves and play a song on the bells.

Activity:  Learn about what makes sound.  Sound is vibrations that go to my ear and sends a message to my brain making sounds that I can hear.

Demonstrations: (classrooms may be stocked with the first two items)

1.  Vibrations:  pluck an elastic around a bread pan to show vibrations

2.  Vibrations create airwaves:  hit one pan next to another pan that has cupcake sprinkles on top and watch the sprinkles move.

3.  Feel vibrations:  comb and wax paper activity

a.  give everyone a plastic comb (I found packs at the dollar store)

b.  cover the comb with a small square piece of wax paper

c.  blow into the wax paper to feel the vibrations

d.  blow to the tune of “adios amigos” together

Video:  Evelyn Glennie – deaf percussionist who plays by feeling the vibrations through her fingers and body (7:25 minutes found on

Song:  The Explorers

Goodbye Song:  Sing Adios Amigos