In Delicious Music, we work for smiles. ☺

You earn 1 smile for each day you complete all of your practice instructions.

You earn 1 smile for coming to class.

You earn 1 smile for getting on the sharing box and performing.

You earn 1 smile for participating with a positive attitude in class.

You earn extra smiles for doing something from the Extra Smile list.

While the teacher will plan for some individual and group rewards, parents are responsible to plan for and dutifully carry out those planned rewards. Be aware that what your child dreams up will more than likely be achieved, so only promise what you are willing to do or give.

Here’s an example: When I was about 9 years old, my best friend’s family moved to Switzerland. (I lived in California.) I desperately wanted to go visit her. My dad promised me that if I earned half the money for airfare, he would pay for me to go. Over a 2-year period, I earned the money. He did not expect I would. But he kept his promise, and I, my mom, and my sister went to Switzerland on a wonderful, life-changing trip.