Free Music

Here is free music for children to use at home, in the classroom, or in choirs. Please note the copyright reservation on all of the music available on this page:

© Copyright 2013. Liz Livingston. All Rights Reserved. May be used or reproduced for non-commercial, home and educational purposes without written permission but with this citation included: “Used with permission from

Each song is listed by its title. Click on the title to go to the song’s page and find various files (Lyrics, Song Garden, Dictation Form, Audio File, Sheet Music, Video) of the song. Words in parentheses are placeholders for that file in the future. If you want to help us fill in the missing spots, just email me what you prepare!

If you use this song in your home or school choir and record it, please email me to share your recording! I look forward to seeing or hearing your performances!

Adios, Amigos

Children, Come and Dance with Me

Delicious Music

Here We Go Back to School Again

I Am Like An Apple Seed (“Making Music Makes Me Smile” duet or trio)

What’s My Secret Recipe? (“Making Music Makes Me Smile” duet or trio)

Making Music Makes Me Smile

Many Hands Make Light Work

My Name is ______

You’ve Got Gold Inside of You