Parent Meeting Summary

Many thanks to all of the parents who attended our parent meeting this week! It was great to visit with you! I am so excited about our semester ahead and the work we get to do with our capable children.

Please remember to check this blog each week for updates on the lesson from that day. The more connected you are, the more you will find resources that can help you in practicing with your child.

For example, you can find all of the papers that are in your binder online here. If you or your child loses one, you can print it out again. Phew.

I talked a lot about giving feedback. I wanted to remind us all that it’s great when we try to give feedback at a 6:1 ratio–6 positives to one negative. I may not need that many positives, but I sure will feel overwhelmed if all I get is negative feedback :). So thank you in advance for texting, emailing, or posting positive comments about how things are going.

PLEASE let me know if there is something you don’t understand or a link that is missing, etc. If something doesn’t make sense, tell me! I’ll happily fix it.

I have added content to the website today. Check out these pages to see what is here for you:

Please check your child’s violin and bow hold, and make sure they begin practicing in tune.

Also, remember that your child earns one smile simply for completing all the steps in the lesson each day. Be sure that at the end of the week (i.e. the last practice session before class) you add up the smiles, write how many they earned, and initial it so I know you are aware.

I also need one parent volunteer per week to attend. I will send a sign up sheet around today in class. Parents will help record smiles earned and which skills a child passes off each class. They will also help reward awards at the end of class when a child has earned them.

I have treats (candy) that are nut-free and most that are dairy-free. They are not sugar free.  A child who earns 6 practicing smiles is awarded one treat each week. If you have concerns with that, let me know. (These are small treats: single Lifesavers, Tootsie Rolls, etc.)