Lesson 1.1.5 “What’s the secret ingredient?”

The main goals for this week’s practicing are:

1. Consider how you can add a little more fun to your practicing, if you need some;

2. To learn to do the “play/life/place” skill (see video);

3. To be able to play (both pizzicato and arco) “I Am Like an Apple Seed” at 60 bpm; and

4. Be able to play the song without stopping if they make a mistake. (Practicing along with the video will help them learn to do this.)

This last goal is in preparation for playing it all together in class next week and being able to play it while others play “Making Music Makes Me Smile.”

SO your child needs to be able to play it continuously without stopping, even if s/he makes a mistake. This is a very important skill for anyone playing in an orchestra!

I posted videos here so that you can practice along with me. Don’t mind my “morning look”–no movie star here :). Just a mom helping a child practice!

Please text me with any questions.

Thanks for working hard to help your child (and yourself) learn to play their instrument!