Harvest’s Here


We had a great rehearsal today! The children are doing so well with their new song, Brother John. I’m excited that they are learning it so well. They played it in a round, and it sounded great.

Here is the new song we started learning in class: Harvest’s Here. (Click on the link to print out the sheet music for it or play along with the recording or learn the lyrics. This song is the duet part to Apple Seed. It sounds a lot better than when you play Recipe with Apple Seed!) 🙂

We will play the two songs together in our concert (May 8, 7 pm; call time 6:15 pm), and then Brother John in a round.

Next week is our LAST after school class for the year!

I need to know by next week who is committed to taking Intermediate Orchestra next year. We will meet Wednesday mornings at 8 am. For the summer/fall, you will need to purchase two music books (Essential Elements for Strings, Book One with CD  and Basic Fiddlers Philharmonic: Celtic Fiddle Tunes. See the links that follow). Be sure you get the one for your child’s specific instrument (Essential Elements: violin, viola, cello; Fiddlers-Celtic: violin, viola, or cello)! You’ll need it right away so they can begin working on it as soon as orchestra class finishes. I will also give you a little summer assignments packet to help your child be ready for the fall. It is all very do-able stuff, and your private teacher should be able to  integrate it into her lessons easily. (Remember, if you don’t have a private teacher already, you need to get one. If you’d like any recommendations, just ask!)

So please let me know if you are planning on continuing next fall by next week. (You can text or email me today if you want.) 🙂

Our FINAL rehearsal will be at 8 AM on Thursday, May 8. Remember to wear your orchestra shirt that day! Our performance will be that night.

Thanks so much! I’m getting excited for our performance!!