Fall Fun (Scarecrow or Fall Tree)

This lesson can be used in the fall just for fun.

Welcome: DM Theme Song

Activity: Pick a part of the scarecrow to begin building a scarecrow on a posterboard or white board. You can show this photo of a scarecrow and pick one child to choose a number. You have the parts of a scarecrow written on numbered slips of paper in a paper cup. Each number corresponds to a song or activity that you have decided ahead of time to do, such as those listed below. They pick a paper and then they (or another child) get to draw part of the scarecrow (an arm, head, leg, etc.) If you draw the scarecrow ahead of time, each piece would have a song/activity to go with it.

OR you could also pick some fall leaves from outside and draw a simple tree trunk and branches on the white board, putting the leaves on the “tree” with magnets or tape. If you are not familiar with these songs listed below, choose songs or fall-related music and movement activities that the children will know. Or teach or listen to a new song! Below the numbered list are some ideas of song you could taste.

  1. The Explorers (school song)
  2. Bells: Adios Amigos (one person plays it on the bells or sings it solo)
  3. In the Leafy Tree Tops (Use legato/staccato signs: Teach legato/staccato first)
  4. It’s Autumntime
  5. Hinges
  6. Leaves Are Falling All Around

Goodbye Song: Adios Amigos

Fall Songs:

I Am Like an Apple Seed

Harvest’s Here

L’automne (“Fall”) by Vivaldi

“Les feuilles mortes” (“Autumn Leaves”) by violin, harp, or harmonica (feuilles means “leaves” and mortes means “dead”)

This video is for reference for teachers, to give you ideas for actions or how to teach this song. This teacher is using it for spring, but you could adapt lyrics to fall.