4-15-16 Building a Musical Legacy

Today I taught the second verse of the song we are learning as a school, “We’re Building a Musical Legacy,” to one of the kindergarten classes. The children remembered the first verse after I had taught it to them 2 weeks ago–the day before spring break. They hadn’t sung it in 2 weeks. That is how fresh and bright and capable young children are to learn! We spent maybe 15 minutes on the first verse then and then 15 minutes today on reviewing the first verse and learning the second verse. I marvel at the minds of young children!

The music was written by a musician friend of mine for our school back in 2012.  This was one in a number of small songs for which I have written lyrics for the elementary school.  Others–friends and family!–have helped with the music side of the songs. I am grateful for the teamwork that has been involved with each song production. I have learned, via these experiences, that creating music and giving it as a gift that brings a sweet feeling. I am not a professional musician, so I needed the talents that others had to complete the project.

That is what I hope Delicious Music will someday become: a place where people can share what they have created to help elementary school children have free access to music for their classrooms, choirs, and orchestras. Children need good music with solid, positive ideas to help them in their journey. Please share your talents with us! Feel free to email me music that you would like to share! (All music must be original and copyright free or with permission to use.)