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The purpose of Delicious Music is to nurture a love of good music in children, while strengthening the individual child, their family and their community.

This website is the happy home for helping children (and those who nurture them) to learn basic music principles. It is also where children (and caring adults) can contribute their music to help others around the world, and where parents can see what their child learned in their recent Delicious Music classes.

Children around the world need good music. It helps their hearts feel happy! Good music helps children face the challenges in their lives. Good music helps children learn that they can create something good and have fun in healthy, happy ways. Seeing and hearing a child make music helps us all be happier. Supporting childrens’ music programs strengthens a community.

When my youngest child was in kindergarten, I wanted to help the children in our elementary school get more music education. We didn’t have a music program in our school. While I was not a music professional, I learned that I could use my knowledge, talents, and other resources to help create something that helps parents teach music in their child’s classroom or at home.

This website/curriculum is the result of my study and volunteering. It is very much a work in progress, and I need help! My dream is to gather enough free resources that a parent could use this website to teach a child (or any elementary school class) basic music principles. I want children to be able to come here to play or sing along with songs–songs that make them smile, laugh, think about good things, and be better people. I would love someday to have a free phone and tablet app available for download–an app on which children could create a “Song Garden”© style song that they could share with other children.

My goal is to have lots of fun, meaningful, good songs that are copyright-free so that any child could enjoy making music, regardless of economic status or educational background. I want to have one song for every letter of the alphabet, A-Z. I would really love to have songs written by elementary students and their parents!

There are lesson plans for most of the principles listed under “What We Teach,” but there are many lesson plans that I taught that I wasn’t able to post. If you create a lesson, we would love to have you share it so we could post it under the principle for other parents to use for creating their lesson plans. To share a lesson, simply email it to me, and I will post it. (All lesson material must be age-appropriate, and I reserve the right to edit any submitted plans.)

Under the orchestra menu, you will find a few of the lesson plans we used. (They may not make a lot of sense. I didn’t get to spend as much time making those user-friendly.) I you have questions about them, just ask.

I hope you find what you’re looking for that will help you nurture the gift of good music in the children in your life. If not, please let me know what I can do to answer any questions you may have.

Happy Music-Making!






Mrs. Livingston